CS50 (Computer Science 50) is an on-campus and online introductory course on computer science taught at Harvard University and, as of 2015, Yale University as well. In 2016, CS50 became available to high school students as an AP course. The course material is available online for free on EdX with a range of certificates available for a fee. The on-campus version is Harvard’s largest class with 800 students, 102 staff and up to 2,200 participants in their regular hackathons.

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* 此课程笔记根据 Harvard CS50 Spring 2020 完成。

第 0 周对数据的二进制表示、面向过程的程序设计(计算思维)进行了介绍,并通过 Scratch 完成了初步的程序设计。大部分内容引用自 CS50 课程官方的笔记

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